Friday, 9 July 2010

Vampire Rage Patch Progress 2

The first patch for Vampire Rage has been submitted and will hopefully be active within the next few days.

Here is the final list of changes:

- Only one entry per Gamertag will be entered into the Live Highscores board
- Joystick / D-Pad support
- New bomb positioning system for both Joystick and Control Pad
- Mapped Fire, Sword and Slow to extra buttons
- Increased starting lives for Normal difficulty to five
- Decreased difficulty of first stage / boss
- Added ability to skip stages to Pause screen
- Added new blood collection graphic (less intrusive)
- Disabled highscore sharing during gameplay (caused the game to hang)
- Added Info screen for patch notes
- Changed boxart

Happy gaming and we hope to see you on the global highscore board.

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