Thursday, 29 July 2010

Vampire Rage Review Roundup

Here are some of the reviews / impressions we have received so far for Vampire Rage.
We are delighted by how well the game has been received by gamers and critics alike.
Thanks for all of the support.

Please note: most of these reviews were written (or recorded) prior to the game being patched.

Independent Charles Show Episode 5 (UK Inside Xbox Channel)

NOW Gamer:

Drunken Gamers Podcast:

Game Set Watch:

Armless Octopus:

Small Cave Games:

Digital Quarters:

Gay Gamer:

Crush! Frag! Destroy!:



8Bit Horse:

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Lextermina said...

Hello i'm french !
I wanted to know if you need to create Vampire Rage for PC? if so I'll buy it.

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